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  • Additions

    We can construct any home addition you can dream up! We can enlarge your kitchen, renovate your bathroom or even create an extra bedroom. If you’d like a second-floor addition, we can take care of that too. The expert home remodeling contractors at Kole will equip you with any home addition you request, and they can do so fast and efficiently.

    Kole Contractors aims to accommodate all of your home remodeling needs, including building garage additions. If you would like to upgrade your two-car garage to a three-car garage, or turn it into a garage apartment, we can help! Our garage addition capabilities are tailored to your desires and are highly customizable. We also offer sunroom additions for those who would like to have a nice, ambient, outdoor alternative for gathering and dining. Sunrooms are great for potted plants and scenic greenery that are sure to garnish home interiors and make your home that much more welcoming.

    Second Floor Addition:

    The solution to a Growing Family If you see your family growing in the next couple of years, or you want more space in your house, we can set you up with a second-floor addition with our professional home remodeling services. We will install any stairs you would want and help you make your choice with our expert interior designer advice. Your home interior will look stunning with your new second-floor addition! The service comes complete with window, room, and bathroom additions, and we will get the renovations done swiftly so as not to leave your home interior open to the elements for too long.

    Affordable Sunroom Addition:

    If you want an ambient alternative to gaming or dining, a sunroom addition could be just the thing you’re looking for! Who has the time to build the sunroom themselves? We will take care of your sunroom addition construction and provide it at a reasonable cost, so you save both money AND time! With our sunroom additions, you have a place for your potted plants and poker night, as well as nice relaxation spot with natural light. Designed to allow sunlight in but keep bugs out, our sunroom additions are sure to provide the utmost comfort for you and your family.

    Garage Additions and Garage Apartments:

    If you’ve just bought another car, but don’t have space for it in your garage, we can help install garage additions and add another spot for your car! We also are proficient with constructing a second-floor addition to your garage, turning it into a garage apartment. Your garage additions will all be taken care of once you call us. Even if you are wanting an entirely new garage, or don’t have one; we can handle any garage addition!

    Other Home Additions:

    Any other kinds of home additions you would like such as room additions, stairs, home expansions, covered deck construction, whatever you’d like; we can handle it! Our home remodeling contractors install numerous home additions and have years of experience working with various home styles. Kole Contractors can provide you with the best high end home renovation service and give you all of the home additions you desire!

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