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  • Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Services

    If you have cabinets falling out, or mold and mildew on your shower or bathtub walls, it might be time for a bathroom renovation! Our expert bathroom contractors are well-equipped to provide luxury bathroom remodeling services that will turn your dirty, old bathroom into a sanctuary! We are capable of fitting any of your bathroom idea requests and make the custom bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Kole Contractors will help you reach your goal of a beautiful home with our bathroom remodeling Atlanta ideas.

    Today it’s your bathroom, tomorrow it may be your kitchen; we can bring your home interior ideas to life and put your house on the top of the market! Kole Contractors will get your bathroom looking stunning with our luxury bathroom remodeling services. We offer the best bathroom remodeling in Atlanta, and we can prove it to you; you won’t be disappointed! If your bathroom renovation cost worries you, that’s even more of a reason to give us a call! Our bathroom remodeling services come at the most reasonable price in the industry. You can rest assured you will get excellent and professional bathroom remodeling contractors to work on your bathroom for a competitively low price. Our goal is to provide expert bathroom remodeling that will leave our customers completely satisfied with both the service and the cost! If you are interested in getting more information regarding a bathroom remodel, be sure to fill out our questionnaire here to get a free estimate for the work you want done.  

    Small Bathroom Remodeling

    If your bathroom is too cramped and you constantly find yourself bumping your arm on the countertop or elbowing the walls, you should consider bathroom renovations. We will help to increase the size of your bathroom with our efficient small bathroom remodeling. Our bathroom contractors have interior design expertise that will maximize the efficiency of your small bathroom remodeling. Your bathroom will nearly double in size but still won’t intrude too much into the rest of your house.

    Master Bathroom Renovation

    Sometimes, you move into a house and find that the master bathroom just doesn’t fit with the rest of the bedroom. Unfortunately, a master bath can be really small, plain, and in some cases only has a shower and no bathtub. How can you relax in a bathroom like that? No worries; we can upgrade your small master bathroom with our amazingly affordable bathroom remodeling! Get your master bathroom up to your standards so you can finally relax. Our bathroom renovation services were designed to provide you with a beautiful bathroom at an affordable price. So you can put that lousy bathroom in the back of your head when buying your house because bathroom renovations are made easy with our help!

    Shower and Bathtub Remodeling

    If you aren’t looking for a full bathroom remodeling service, we also offer shower and tub remodeling. If your shower walls are covered in mold and repairing them just doesn’t ease your qualm, or you feel it’s time for an upgrade, we can help! Kole Contractors offers fast and efficient bathroom remodeling in Atlanta, GA for your showers or bathtubs! We can install fresh tiles and turn a boring elliptical bathtub into a cozy soaker bathtub complete with built-in heating and bubble bath options.