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    Building or renovating a home can be quite exhausting. So many different choices, so many decisions to make, so many patterns to choose from. The idea itself of a home renovation is fantastic. More often than not, most people envision the end product of what they would like to see however, they forget that there are so many other options that they would like. The mind can quickly become overloaded and overwhelmed with all of this. This is why Kole Contractors Inc. provides home design, build and consulting services. We have been building and renovating homes for 30 years. We provide luxury home remodeling services and strive to provide you with top level customer service.  We know the areas our clients get stuck on and we provide a flawless way for you to give us a basic outline of what you would like and we take care of the rest. If you would like more information about the time and cost of the work you want done, be sure to fill out our questionnaire here and we will give you a free estimate. 

    Why Seek Our Help

    Our experienced contractors have the ability to look at a layout of a home and quickly provide insight, suggestions, and advice on what to do and what would look nice with your property. Every home is not the same therefore certain designs and layouts may not work perfectly. With our expertise we can quickly show you what plan design changes would be great for your home. With many renovations under our belt we also have a plethora of designs, layouts, patterns right at our fingertips. With the use of CAD technology we can create a stunning view of what your renovation would look like and customize it to your liking.

    Professional Advice You Can Trust

    Trusting a remodeling company is very important when getting a home renovation is done. You want a design , plan and configuration that you will love without going over on your budget. Our job in the design and consulting phase is to not get you to spend more money. We work extremely hard to ensure we stay within your budget however unfortunately sometimes that is not feasible. We have your best interests at heart and we want to provide a beautiful renovation without digging deeper into your pockets.

    One Stop Shop

    You don't have to rely on an architect or other design companies. Working with a remodeling company that can do it all from design to CAD plans, to build offers a lot more advantages. The efficiency of the project works a lot smoother because their are less communication channels to work with. Errors get reduced because it is one team managing the entire project from start to finish and everyone is on the same page. As the client, you only have to worry about one company, one single point of contact.

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